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Prospects for the development of medical devices

Author:  From:  Date:2015-1-25

Medical device manufacturing industry has its own unique history, dating back to the 17th century the first medical use, it has a rope by means of the pendulum and weights measured pulse rate. By adjusting the weight, pulse rate and control of the same pendulum to measure pulse rate. Since then, more and more medical devices are manufactured. The accumulation of centuries of experience in manufacturing medical devices industry are increasingly seeking to promote cutting-edge technology. Today, the medical device industry and what new trends will it?
Automation and robotics
More and more medical equipment manufacturers began to focus on automating the design synthesis and precise operation. Automation equipment with a wide range of applications, such as medical equipment assembly, dispensing, lab automation, mechanization, material handling, packaging and electronics assembly. Highly competitive environment to promote the rapid development of manufacturing, lead to further medical device companies to provide a variety of automated manufacturing and medical devices.

Medical Software
Widely used in today's computer environment, medical device software without medical help is difficult to survive. The software related to the industry at all stages. More and more sophisticated software in the pharmaceutical industry in sales, marketing and management information systems are widely developed applications. There are some special needs for pharmaceutical companies customized management software, which provides shipping, inventory control, sales, purchasing management, treatment processing, information management systems, and settlement functions. Medical device software is not a function of repetition of traditional medicine, but for the pharmaceutical trade and manufacturing to provide strong support, medical software has become an indispensable modern pharmaceutical industry medical equipment.

Laser processing
Advanced manufacturing technology for laser processing equipment in the pharmaceutical industry's rapid growth. Some laser drilling device is ideal for rapid prototyping surgery. There are also some devices with automated laser processing equipment and high performance direct-drive rotary motion, thereby increasing the efficiency and accuracy. This is creating an integrated monitoring and control of laser welding system a special platform for medical device applications, a collection of small components for laser welding and cutting technology, is expected to widely used in pharmaceutical industry.

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