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Basic functions of the electric bed

Author:  From:  Date:2015-1-25

A, and lifting features 1, and bedside bed tail synchronization lifting: 1.1 can according to medical personnel height and the clinical needs, electric bed in 1-20cm space degrees range within arbitrary adjustment bed body height; 1.2 increases ground and bed body bottom space, easy small x light machine, and clinical check and treatment instrument of base insert; 1.3 easy maintenance personnel on products of check Yu maintenance; 1.4 easy nursing personnel on dirt property of processing. 2, anterior descending was upgraded (that is, bedside rose bed foot drop) can range from 0 °-11 ° tilt range, easy on the patients with cardio-cerebral-vascular and related clinical examinations, treatment and care of critically ill patients.  3, front sharply drop (the bed end up bed down) 4, can any tilt in the range 0 °-11 ° to facilitate postoperative patients and screening, treatment, and care of critically ill patients (such as sputum, gastric lavage, etc).
B, sit down features in addition to lie flat, a bed back at 0 °-80 ° range movements, leg plates can be within the range of 0 °-50 ° any fall-rise.  Select fit to sit on the bed in patients with angle to accommodate meals, medicine, drinking water, and wash your feet, reading the newspaper, watching TV and moderate physical exercise needs. Third, the turn-three-point arc to turn around design, may make the patient in any degree within range 0 °-60 ° turn, prevent bedsores builds.  Timed stand up and turn around anytime you need two.electric bed
Four, poop 4.1 function inline-style toilet, portable potty lid, urinal activity on the front of the bezel, hot and cold water tank, cold water heating equipment, hot and cold water feeding device, built-in hot-air drying machines, external wall-mounted hot air, cold, heat gun parts, forming a whole, answering system.  4.2 half lost can patients (hemiplegia, and paraplegia, and years General weak, and surgery Hou stay recovery patients) can in nursing personnel help Xia completed poop, and rushed water, and hot wash yin, and hot air drying, series action; also can by patients single hand a key type operation, automatically completed poop of all program; also specifically design has toilet monitoring and alarm features, for full lost can and no consciousness patients of poop, nursing bed can automatically monitoring and processing, thoroughly settlement has patients bed Shang toilet of problem.electric bed
Five accessibility, shampoo, washing feet because bedridden causes of muscles, blood vessels are squeezed, fail, half of people with disability of lower limb blood flow tended to be slow. Frequently wash your feet can be effectively Chief of lower extremity blood vessels, accelerate blood circulation and helped me to recover. Wash your hair on a regular basis to make the itching in patients with activating blood, kept clean, and they remain pleasant mood, boost confidence and disease resistance. Specific operation process: sat up Hou, will dedicated Wash feet rack plug in pedal Shang, basin within pour humidity of hot, on can for patients daily wash feet; remove pillow and head below of mattress, put Shang dedicated lavatory basin, basin bottom diversion tube through back board Shang of styling hole, into sewage barrels in the, opened card Yu bedside above of activities type hot nozzle (nozzle hose and hot barrels within of pumps export connected, pumps Plug and three hole insurance outlet connected), operation very simple, and convenient, one nursing personnel can independent completed patients of wash head.electric bed
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