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GTXCG51017 Multifunction Electric Delivery Bed [Comments(0)|Leave your Comment]
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  • It is an intelligent delivery bed designed base on the human engineering. It can be used for labor, delivery, and recovery stage, or be used for gynecological examining, diagnosing and operation.
  • This bed pays more attention to the emotion of the mother and baby.
  • The convenient and simple operation method ultimately reduces the working stress of the operator.

Main Feature:

  • The operation is simple, flexible and convenient. Central brake system makes the bed more stable.
  • Clear marked control panels are setting on the guardrail on the both sides. Both nurses and patients can operate it conveniently.
  • The soft polyurethane guardrail provides comfort to nurses and patients.
  • The retractable guardrail allows the bed to get through the narrow aisle more easily and realize Zero-space transportation to the crash truck.
  • The guardrail can be equipped with inductive light. (Optional attachment)
  • The inductive light can lighten the ground automatically. (Optional)
  • The UPS system offers emergency use when the main power is off (Optional)
  • The low bed position gives the mothers stable support
  • The bed can reach varies labor positions(e.g. supine position, sitting position, lateral position, kneeling-squatting position) to comfort different lying-in women.
  • The leg holder is retractable and height adjustable, which can reduce the stress of the nurses.
  • The movable leg board offers a large working space
  • The operation of the foot rest and CPR spanner is easy.
  • It has CPR function, i.e. back section quickly move down.
  • The polyurethane bedplates is comfortable, soft, and anticorrosive, deodorize and easily cleaned
  • The soft bed cushion has varies colors available

Technical Parameters:

  • Bed dimension including bed end and bumper wheel: Length 2350mm, width 940mm
  • Bed dimension: Length 1950mm, width 880mm
  • Min. & Max. table height: 540mm~890mm(exclude the cushion)
  • Back section turning: ≥65°
  • Seat section turning: ≥12°
  • Trendelenburg: ≥8°
  • Leg section lifting distance: 110mm
  • Footrest swing out:≥50°
  • Footrest folding: ≥75°
  • Guard rail up/down movement: 360mm
  • Castor Diameter: 150mm

Standard Accessories:

  • Bed cushion 1 suit   
  • Filth basin 1 piece
  • I.V. Stand 1 piece   
  • Power cord 1 piece
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